Advanced production technologies at the service of the quality of processes and products.

Technology for us is not simply a word by which we convey the reliability of what we do. It is a constant investment in systems and solutions that allow us to improve production processes for the benefit of the quality and performance of our products, to streamline them in lean thinking in favor of efficiency and sustainability, as well as to evolve them in direction 4.0, digitalizing them in favor of intelligent automation, which goes through a profitable human-machine interconnection.

The main technological features that characterize us today are the following:

Autonomous system for the management of all the production phases of the drawer slides with roller wheels: moulding, washing-painting, assembling and packaging. It is a technology that allows to combine high capacities and productive flexibility.

Machines for the automated assembly of ATTIVA slides, among our most innovative and requested products, to the advantage of the quality and the possibility to offer an efficient service of just in time supply.

Machines that allow us to print all the complementary plastic components of our products in our company, to guarantee the total quality of the result.

Storage warehouse of the finished product with final handling on pallets and relative shipment by means of our fleet and by carrier.